Welcome to the 'Fire' of Security Product Innovation...

Blue Ember Technologies is dedicated to meeting current security product demand through the creative redesign of existing products, application of existing technologies in new ways and the development of entirely new technologies. We will solve past and current customer problems with technologies that redefine the markets we serve.

Traffic Control Bollards  Armored Shelters and Hardening Kits

MaxiForce Traffic Control Bollards offer a complete and varied line of traffic control bollards for a wide range of applications. Our bollards are all designed to be completely serviceable and extremely customizable to match your needs in terms of look, function, and cost.

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Armored Shelters and Hardening KitsThe ARC (Advanced Relocateable Cylinder) is a high-security shelter that provides troops with the highest levels of protection. Mission critical operations often require enclosures that house personnel and equipment in hostile environments.

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AFS Composite Blast Doors


Blue Ember Technologies, LLC is proud to introduce a groundbreaking innovation in blast resistant architectural products. Introducing, the Architectural Fiber Systems (AFS) line of blast doors.Bomb Resistant Trash Cans

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